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Club Organiser Dave Sampson

Dave Sampson comes from Dorset. He was born at a very early age. His parents lived in Charmouth when he was a baby but by the time he was 2 they had moved to nearby Wootton Fitzpaine where his mother ran the village Post Office & General Store.
David started entertaining people with a puppet theatre his father made him for his 6th Birthday. He had a famous second cousin who was a ventriloquist (Dennis Spicer) so David started doing ventriloquism as well as Punch and Judy shows.
At the age of 8 he first appeared on stage at Wootton Fitzpaine village hall for a children’s party.
As a teenager he bought a guitar and started singing and playing songs to the delight of his friends. By the time he was 17 years old he was going round the local pubs performing and getting paid for gigs.
After moving to Coventry he went along to The City Arms Folk Club in Earlsdon on a Sunday night and soon realised that with an already large repertoire of folk songs he could easily start performing at local folk clubs and folk sessions.
By 1969 he decided to open his own folk club. He was an apprentice at GEC Telecommunications and lived at the company’s Grange Hall of Residence which had a residents Cellar Bar hence the Cellar Bar Folk Club opened on a Tuesday night in February 1969 with a Singers night.
Dave left the Grange in 1972 but other residents took over the folk club and it continued to be a regular weekly event until the GEC closed the hall of residence to students and apprentices.
After leaving the Grange Dave started The Wurzel Bush Folk Club on 19th February 1972 when he had Finbar & Eddie Furey as the first guests. Dave choose to have them as guests as they were the very first guests Dave saw at The City Arms Folk Club in 1968.
Dave is currently working on producing a new puppet theatre which he hopes to have up and running soon. Following a lot of publicity in the national and international media about Dave’s involvement with Comic Relief Dave is now doing charity events with his famous puppet Grisweld the Super Dog. Email Grisweld@grisweldthesuperdog.co.uk if you are running a charity event and would like Dave & Grisweld to support your good cause. They are happy to appear for Free.